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The one that got away

You were born with them,
grew up with,
and had precious memories with.
They’re what defines your life.
And then suddenly you met someone special.
Someone that completely changed your life.
Made you thought that that was your turning point.
But then came a time you realized it wasn’t.
It made you confused.
Made terrible mistakes.
Until then you only realized they were the ones that would never leave your side,




‘I Love You’

There are so many different languages to use to express our love yet we can’t make them feel it. Nowadays, people say ‘I Love You’ without actually feeling it. Sometimes people say it only in adoration. To people being said by that, do they even feel the sincerity of the person saying it? So does saying ‘I Love You’ any significant thing to say to someone you love?


Actually, there is

People lie of the obvious are thought to be only in big screens. Well, we thought wrong. There really is someone that idiot and its making me crazy. To deny something that is already in front of you, that must be a special skill.

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